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Hello friends, I'm Eric Tippetts. 
My journey in life has shaped me as an accomplished entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, stoked husband and proud father.  I also choose to specialize in helping “budding entrepreneurs” create more health, wealth, and happiness in their lives!

                                                  Here’s the story…

I caught the proverbial "entrepreneurial bug" at the age of 18 when my father and I teamed up to start a business together. Today, I'm absolutely passionate about empowering entrepreneurs (like you) to accomplish great things with their lives… through the power of free enterprise! (Because I believe it's the “prime motivator” which moves the world.)
I'm not sure IF you know my whole story. I'm not going to get into “TMI” detail here, but I do want to share something very personal...
My life's journey has taken me and my wife through
some VERY turbulent financial challenges!
(And, when I say "turbulent", I mean "can't-even-pay-the-rent" pathetic!) 
I was hopelessly ignorant about wealth creation and didn’t understand anything about finances! The critical skills and knowledge to make more money, how to manage it, and grow it…were WAY beyond my reach at the time.

One day, we made a mutual decision “enough was enough” and we were going to stop being just “OK” and barely “making it”. As a massive shift in mind-set, we set our entire “focused” attention on becoming evolved, inspired, and excellent… in every area of our lives!

Take my word for it…it wasn't easy. We sacrificed a lot, lived modestly, and family vacations, new cars, and a nice home were forgotten along the way …but we knew it would be worth it!

And we're eternally grateful it was!

In the ever-unfolding present, my beautiful wife, wonderful family, and I are blessed with a “magic” dream home by the Pacific Ocean, and financial abundance beyond our wildest imaginings…life is a miracle we treasure every day!

Now, as I mentioned above, I am very passionate about empowering promising entrepreneurs,( especially home-based business owners) and I am a HUGE supporter of the Direct Sales and Network Marketing professions.
Here’s the all-important reason…

Because I believe they offer everyone,( regardless of gender, background, or social status), the rare opportunity to create a very special, bountiful life…for themselves and their families!

I’ve discovered “smart” Network Marketing allows ANYONE to become financially independent, feel a sense of genuine pride in what they do, and help others on the same path in the process…

That's why...
I've put together "The Home Business Success Kit" as an effective resource to 
empower Network Marketing Professionals... not only grow a "rock star" sales team
but also lock in steady income streams, save BIG money on taxes, and live 
an extraordinary life of freedom, potential and enjoyment!
Follow me, and I’ll give you a clear break-down of each
vital component of “The Kit” …and what it does for you!
First, let's introduce the Rocket Recruiting App!
With the Rocket Recruiting App, you will bring more 
highly qualified, motivated prospects into your Network Marketing business… without the fear of rejection or desertion…
and it’s 100% guaranteed.
Not only will the Rocket Recruiting App maximize your personal recruiting, but it will also accelerate your team's “multiplication factor” with the simplicity and efficiency of its unique approach!
Here’s ALL the Advantages “The Rocket Recruiting App” Gives You (and Your Team) As an Amazing, “Must-Have”, Versatile, Recruitment Tool:
  • Rejection-Free Recruiting - Make It Happen Instantly! Lead with a friendly "giving" hand... instead of "hard selling."
  • Increase the Mutual Respect, Rapport, and Connection with Your Prospect - They will see you as an honest, trust-worthy consultant...and never as a pushy salesperson they must avoid!
  • Gain a Proven Approach Which Can Be Duplicated With Success! Your downline can easily learn, implement, and recruit more eager prospects with this powerful system.
  • "Rocket Recruiting App" Works Perfectly With Any Web-Enabled Device. There's NO confusing software to download or struggle with! You'll be "up and running" within 3 minutes...or less!
Here are some RAVES about the "Rocket Recruiting App" 
from thrilled and successful Network Marketers!
Rocket Recruiting Is Normally $497 Per Year, And It’s
Yours as Part Of This Special Offer!
Watch How Simple:
The Next Essential Tool You Get Is My Revealing Book “To The Top”!
Possess the Insider Knowledge of the Elite Entrepreneurs Who Achieve Massive Success, Build Flourishing Businesses, And Create Awesome Lives They Love and Enjoy
In "To The Top - Simple Everyday Steps To Succeed Financially" you will find my most important insights, life-skills, and wisdom for achieving the outstanding success ALL Entrepreneurs desire and dream about!

My mission is give you simple (but powerful), everyday principles you can use to make your home business and financial goals become your prosperous, life-time reality...and much, much more.
By the time you finish reading "To The Top", you will:
  • Understand the "Universal Laws of Prosperity" and ignite their power in YOUR life!
  • Target the weak points in your finances - and easily correct them right now to ensure financial security for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Gain proven strategies how to completely eliminate your debts, restore your peace of mind, and create REAL financial freedom.
  • Increase your earnings power and establish a financial shield to withstand any unpredictable economy.
  • Discover a hidden seldom used concept that will trigger success in any part of your life.
  • Acquire the winning tactics and strategies of the mega-wealthy...along with precision turn-key tools to manage your finances like an expert!
  • Learn how to give yourself an instant pay raise and keep more of the precious income you make each month. 
  • Employ very simple techniques to shape a bright, positive future...and live a life of purpose, direction, and prosperity.
  • Learn how to lock in your successes, and create rock-solid security by weaving a seamless financial safety net.
  • Create a “gold reserve,” of ready cash - ensure you and your loved ones are ALWAYS protected during unforeseen events, disasters, and personal crises.
And Now It's Your Turn To Get Your Financial 
Breakthrough and "White-Light Moment"!
Here's just a taste of the excited testimonials 
from the Network Marketing World's "Movers and Shakers"!
“An amazing read for anyone wanting to move up the financial ladder! More importantly, this book teaches you exactly how to grab full control of your economic situation… and improve it now!” 

Todd Falcone

Top Rated Network Marketing Sales Trainer and Personal Development Coach
“Eric’s book is a must read for anyone and everyone who is wanting to become financially free. 
He has put not only the strategies for creating wealth, but he has eloquently dealt with the mental and emotional issues that so often hold people back from doing what they know needs to be done. Congratulations Eric, you have a winner here and I’m sure you’ll inspire people across the planet to create wealth.”

Jim Bunch

CEO, The Ultimate Game of Life
"To The Top" by Eric Tippetts - 
Changing Lives and Creating Prosperity Around The World!
"By the time you finish reading my book I promise you that you will know more than what 
over 90% of the world’s population knows about wealth creation and preservation."
You will have a clear blueprint to maximize your earnings, reinforce your household finances, protect your assets, and receive the gift to live your life to its FULL potential and satisfaction!

And best of all, you'll be able to help others while doing it!

To The Top is currently being sold on Amazon.com for $19.16, 
plus shipping, handling and taxes*. 
(Through this special promotion, you will not pay the full retail price.)
* Taxes to Amazon.com purchases are added in over 20 States in the U.S.
(Here's a screenshot of my book's price and order summary from Amazon.com).
As Your Last Big Win, You Get The Expense Tracker!
With Expense Tracker On Your Side, You Can...
Master and Take Control of The Taxes For Your Business!
Save Thousands Each Year With 100's of Simple Business Tax Strategies!
Get the Surprising Advantage of Letting Your "Uncle Sam" Fund Your Business For You!
One of my proudest accomplishments is working with a highly qualified team of experts to create a system called Expense Tracker; an online suite of specialized software which gives you the tools to easily keep track of your business expenses…and ultimately save substantial amounts of money!

The reason I'm proud of it is because it has helped thousands of people effectively manage their money, and it has empowered them to save tens of thousands of dollars!

As a benefit, they're able to channel their money towards a secure retirement, their children’s college educations, and even an extended “fun” vacation to Europe or Asia!

Take a look at the short Consumer Alert clip from ABC News detailing Natalie Anderson's insightful story.
Tax Strategies Director, Rhonda Johnson, reveals how you can potentially 
save thousands of dollars each year on your Taxes...the easy way!
Here's the KEY Benefits for Your Network Marketing Business…
and WHY You Can Rely On The Expense Tracker:
  • No complicated software to download or learn. You'll be up and running within 5 minutes!
  • No exhausting data entry required. You can use the voice or text input feature with your phone.
  • Taxes become TEN TIMES more simplified! Expense Tracker eliminates the confusion and removes "the fear factor" of finance management!
  • Get a FREE Expense Tracker debit card - it automatically tracks your business expenses (so you focus on the important things in your life!).
  • Get exclusive access to easy-to-follow video tutorials and master the system in no time.
  • Be better prepared in case you ever get audited by the IRS.
How Real People, Get Real Results with Expense Tracker!
"My husband and I never fight about money since we began using the Expense Tracker. Thank you!
We actually feel like our money is finally growing because we are in control of it."

Tiffany T., La Quinta, Ca
"The Expense Tracker tripled our tax deductions and made it so easy to track."

Scott M., San Clemente, Ca
"The Expense Tracker is a Game Changer!"

Ben S., Dallas, Tx
As a Network Marketer, you’ll get precise control of your finances, grow and manage 
your business, while you learn the principles of educated entrepreneurship! Your reliable 
advantage is the on-demand expense reporting solution trusted by more Direct Selling Organizations 
than any other, and it’s a breeze with the high-quality video training.
The Expense Tracker is normally available for $240 per year, but it’s included in the price of this SPECIAL offer today!
These items sold separately are over $756.48.  Not During this launch promotion.  
Just $497/year.  Are You Ready To Get Started Winning?
Your payment is safe and secure through state-of-the-art encryption systems,
and your information will be kept strictly confidential.
With my 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely zero risk!
Because, if you don't get the value The Home Business Success Kit I've promised you from, simply 
contact our Customer Satisfaction Team within 30 days of your order to cancel your subscriptions 
and request a refund, and we'll make sure to reimburse you right away, with no questions asked.
Order The Home Business Success Kit Today and Get 3 Free Bonuses Available During This Special Promotion
In the "Proven Strategies of Top Recruiters" Special Report you will discover how top earners became the recruiting masters they are, use inspiration to grow large teams, achieve top earner status, and live amazing lives of quality time and financial freedom.

And more specifically, you will discover…
  • 7 phrases you should never tell a prospect! (They will only lead to alienation, frustration and disappointment for the both of you!)
  • Why "everyone is your prospect" is one of the biggest myths ever promoted in the Network Marketing profession! - What you MUST understand and share with your team instead to gain an unfair advantage.
  • The unbreakable law you must always keep in mind as you connect with potential prospects - This ONE secret will counter any resistance... even when someone says "your business is not for them."
  • 7 Network Marketing Success Principles top leaders live by inspiring them to grow large, profitable teams generating $1000's in commissions each month!
  • The most important exercise you must teach your team to do to keep them motivated...even when times get tough! (Ignore it, and  your chances of success will disappear!).
  • The Winning Sales Formula of Top Performers energizing them to recruit more people, attract more customers, and earn more money! (Without resorting to lame tactics and worn-out scripts which make people run for the hills!).
  • How to become a MASTER communicator! (Get more people to eargerly look at your opportunity, return your calls, and join your team with excitement!).
  • 5 key "warm-up" drills and exercises top recruiters do BEFORE they make prospecting or follow up calls! (A sure-fire way you will persuade and "close" on the phone!).
  • 12 Proven Strategies to follow during your recruiting calls! (Fine-tuned to dramatically increase the odds you're drawing highly qualified professionals into your team.)
  • 6 "Super-Skills" Top Earners use to build large organizations, earn more money, be recognized authorities on stage, and travel the world. 
and much, much more...
Stop Losing Prospects! Have command of fluid, logical responses to ANY resistance blocking your recruiting of NEW eager team members!
In "How to Overcome the Top 10 MLM Objections Instantly!" you will learn how to eliminate the biggest ones, logically and systematically, and then you can recruit more dedicated team members, and effectively train your downline for faster duplication and increased commissions. 
You will discover: 
  • How to turn a "No" into a "Yes" by using proven principles of Neuro-persuasion (You can use it WITHOUT manipulation, tricks, or sneaky "mind games"!)
  • Easily handle the BIG "I can't afford it" objection.
  • Answer with authority the "I have to think about it" excuse.
  • How to logically deal with the "I don't have time" objection.
  • Create responses to the "I tried it once and it didn't work" concern from your most resistant prospects.
  • Gently remove the classic "Only people at the top make ALL the money!" misconception of uneducated prospects.
  • How to answer the harsh "Is this MLM?" question with pride and confidence!
  • Defeat the "I'm not sure it will work for me" objection with vivid, positive benefits prospects will want, need, and desire!
In essence, after you're done reading this powerful guide to handle the top objections, you will become even more confident, recruit high-quality distributors, and duplicate faster…
when you teach these “secrets” to your downline!
Get ready to explode your organization to over-flow!
"The Home Business Top Earner Mindset - 7-Day Transformation Series" Online Videos, where I will go deep into what I've discovered from my many years as an “In Demand” industry Consultant, WIRED into the Top-Tier Direct Sales and Network Marketing Organizations, Success Pioneers, and many outstanding people from all over the planet.

We will take a bold and fearless look at the CORE of failure (in business and in life), and how YOU can overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks preventing 98% of most people from becoming ALL they can be…and achieving lasting, amazing success in everything they do!
In Short, You Will Gain The Following Inspirational, Transformative 
Insights In This 7-Day Video Series: 
  • How to Motivate Yourself and Your Team to Produce Abundance Every Day
  • Rare Strategies You Can Implement to “Act Like Glue” - Bonding Your Organization into a Fired-Up “Special Operations Unit” of TOP Producers.
  • Easy-to-Learn Techniques to create a “Positive Mind-Set” like flipping a switch!
  • Wake up your “Inner Salesman” with “Special Commands” you WILL respond to and implement immediately!
  • Silence the voice of your “Inner Critic”! (WHY it’s the source of defeat, negativity, and failure…and HOW you make it vanish from your life forever!)
  • Powerful “Life-Changing” Affirmations from the Traditions of the Oriental Masters, YOU can use any time to create Joy and Prosperity!
  • How you can spread calm, peace, and serenity…and instantly defuse ANY chaos or conflicts in your life or organization!
  • Gain the Secrets of the Japanese Zen Masters…and enter “inner worlds” of flourishing prosperity, a loving family life, and expanded opportunities YOU can manifest in your day-to-day life!
In Summary, Here Is What You Get In The Home Business Success Kit:
Rocket Recruiting   -
Online Recruiting Software Made Easy and Designed for Maximum Results…and 100% Guaranteed!
To The Top   -
My Best-Selling Book, and a perfect choice for Network Marketers like you!
The Expense Tracker   -
The Ultimate Expense & Tax Tool for Network Marketers - Streamlining Your Expense Tracking, Tax Deductions, and Tax Preparation saving you $1000's on your Home Business Taxes!
PLUS you get these valuable bonuses…
just right for the Network Marketing Community!
The "Proven Strategies of  Top Recruiters Special  Report" 
-    Covering the entire process of creating a loyal, motivated  
     down-line, and a massively successful Network Marketing
     Organization of your very own!

The "How To Overcome The Top 10 MLM Objections Instantly!" Guide 
-    If you’re a committed Network Marketer, then this
     “insider’s” look into the psychology of your “Perfect
     Prospect” is pure gold for sophisticated “persuasion”
     strategies, tactics, and insights

The "Home Business Top Earner Mindset" 7-Day Video Series 
-    Through this out-standing, transformative video series, Eric
     brings a whole NEW level of “Enlightenment” and “Spiritual
     Awareness” into the space of Network Marketing.
     He also does a very brave and deep exploration why some
     Entrepreneurs experience total failure…while others are
     gifted with extraordinary success and lasting wealth!
Once again, you have nothing  to lose with my...
30-Day Money Back Promise: If you are not happy with any element of The Home Business Success Kit for any reason, simply let us know and I will refund you all your money back.
So much love,
Copyright 2017 - Eric Tippetts. All rights reserved
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